April 1, 2021 | Available to attend in-person or online

The Lincoln Marriott Cornhusker Hotel 

Thank you to everyone who attended Level Up Your Event Game! Our event was a huge success with representation from 16 states and 6 countries! We are grateful for the sponsors, speakers, and attendees who gave us their time to share in this experience with us! 

Level Up Your Event Game is a conference unlike any other. As the event world continues to question when we “will go back to normal” or how to navigate the “new normal” - we recognize that there is no normal and no going back. The only thing normal is change. And this event is designed to help you navigate that.

This event is also different because you don’t have committees behind the scenes planning content for you that they think you need. Only YOU know what you need. So who is planning this event?  This event is planned by future leaders. What does that mean?! It means that our award winning students in Advanced Events at the University of Nebraska, trained in experience design and event fundamentals, are designing an event for event professionals about designing events of the future. 






This isn’t the first time either. Previous years have had turnouts of over 300% anticipated attendance. Why? Because these future leaders don’t pretend to know what you need. They ask you what you need. Then they do the work and get you what you need. Pre-conference communications are vital because we design the event around you. Costs are low to cover overhead and some event student stipends as they continue to gain elevated experiences in this industry. We aren’t out for a profit. We are out to help the industry and integrate quality education with industry initiatives. 

This is not your average event and these are not your average student volunteers. These are your future interns and top employees. Business owners and world changers. These are people you want to learn about, learn from, and learn with. You can do all that and more at our event!  We welcome you in supporting us and yourself as we all navigate the future of our industry together!