Long ago were the days of exchanging a check (what are those?) for a 6ft table to stand around the room! We are in a world of measuring data analytics, having tangible metrics for our return on investment (quantitative and qualitative), and an era of transformative experiences.  

Our strategic partnerships are different. Rather than give you pre-determined levels with set items of what you will receive, we want you to customize your partnership specific to your organization’s goals and objectives. We don’t know what those are….but you do.


We do make one assumption. We assume your end goal is to make more money and/or reach more people whether you are for-profit or non-profit. Changing the world and giving back to the community both fall under those two categories as well. What is your organization’s path to get there?

Do you want more followers on social media? Do you want to show you are a thought leader with speaking sessions? Do you want to emphasize networking? Do you want to get physical items in attendees hands?  We can help you with that!  

In our Partnership Handbook, we detail out our levels for monetary sponsorships. In each level, we give an option of 10 different items. Choose ANY five that work with YOUR organization. And if you are in the middle or top tier, you also get to choose ANY five in the levels "below" yours. You choose what works for you. Choose your own adventure.


For in-kind sponsorships - reach out to discuss for benefits! We welcome partnerships of all kinds as long as they are a win-win!

To see our partnership guide, click here: Partnership Handbook


The Lincoln Marriott

Cornhusker Hotel



Inspirmedia Productions


Elite Event Rentals

Extraordinary Events Initiative

First National Bank

Karly & Co. 

Licorice International

Lulubee Artisanal Chocolates

Mead Lumber

Midwest Tent and Events

Sierra Stickers


The Container Store

The Dollar Store

The Mill Coffee

Visit Omaha


Contact us if you would like to be a strategic partner!

Gratefully Given

Wax Buffalo